The Vision

The 412 will be a reliable bus network in Brisbane able to cope with future rising population density issues in Brisbane City, Milton, Auchenflower, Toowong and Saint Lucia. It will be an efficient network that is well integrated within surrounding bus and railway transport corridors, while reducing car dependency in Saint Lucia and making sure no one is left behind at any time of day.

The 412 route is one of the most congested routes in Brisbane and is expected to become even more congested in years to come, with more apartment developments approved or under construction in Toowong and St Lucia alone. A solution is needed to ensure that the 412, 411 and 402 routes can work together to reduce congestion in Brisbane’s inner-west, while providing a more reliable service for passengers travelling between the city, Toowong and UQ. Short term and long-term solutions such as larger buses, bus stop upgrades, potential CityGlider Services and redesigning existing routes with adjustments to existing road infrastructure (such as UQ Chancellor’s Place Roundabouts) can all provide Brisbane’s Inner-West with a more reliable bus network through careful planning and consideration.

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