Proposed Solutions

Removing the UQ Chancellors Place Roundabout

Redesigning existing routes using existing road infrastructure through the implementation of a new through-road at Chancellors Place, removing the current congested Chancellor's Place Roundabout.

Articulated and extended buses for the 412 route

Articulated (peak times) and extended buses (off-peak & weekends) operate on the 412 route through a new through-road design at UQ Chancellors Place, doubling the current network's capacity.

Double Decker Buses for the 402 Route

Double Decker buses operate on the 402 route during peak times through a new through-road design at UQ Chancellors Place, doubling the current network's capacity.

412 CityGlider Frequent Services

The 412 operates on Brisbane's third CityGlider Service, with frequent services and extended operation hours. Includes other features such as dual-door-boarding and pre-paid fare services.

Similarly suggested by others in 2014.

New electronic display signboards

New electronic display signboards that are clear, simple and easy to read at every bus stop. The new display signboards simply show you what bus is arriving next and where it is going, minimising confusion and eliminating the "guessing game".

Bus stop motion sensors and bus stop queue display boards

Motion sensors installed at every bus stop in St Lucia to capture how many passengers are waiting at each bus stop.

The bus stop queue display screens would be installed at Benson St Toowong (Outbound) to show the bus drivers how many people are waiting for a bus further down the route in St Lucia. The driver can then make a decision whether to let fewer people on board at Toowong to ensure people further down the route make it on a bus. Meanwhile, the passengers left behind at Benson St will board the next 402, 411 or 412 not far away. This would stop the major issue of passengers being left behind at St Lucia bus stops on multiple occasions due to buses reaching full capacity after departing from Benson St Toowong.

Electronic train display boards at Toowong Benson St

Electronic train display boards to be installed at Toowong Benson St (Outbound & Inbound) to inform passengers and bus drivers of the trains arriving/departing from Toowong Railway Station. The bus drivers can make a decision to wait at Benson St Toowong a few extra minutes if a train has arrived in the last 5 minutes or so and the bus is not already at a high capacity. This will allow easier integration between trains running on the Ipswich, City & Bowen Hills, Springfield Central, Redcliffe & Caboolture Lines and 412, 402, 411 & 417 bus routes.

Timed bus lanes & transit lanes (T2)

Timed bus lanes and/or transit lanes (T2) on Sir Fred Schonell Drive (St Lucia) and Benson Street (Toowong) during peak times to reduce service delays caused by buses being stuck in traffic.

Dual boarding

Dual boarding at major stops to reduce dwell times and boarding delays. Also part of the "412 CityGlider Frequent Services" solution.

Prepaid fare services

Prepaid fare services to avoid delays caused by passengers purchasing paper tickets with the bus driver. Prepaid fare service passengers can only pay with go cards or credit cards.

Also part of the "412 CityGlider Frequent Services" solution.

All proposed solutions are concepts only and are not officially finalised.