About the Brisbane Bus Routes

The 412 bus route runs as an express service between Brisbane City (Roma Street) and Saint Lucia via Toowong (Benson Street) and The University of Queensland (UQ Chancellors Place Bus Station). A map of the 412 bus stops is presented below.

The 411 and 402 run similar routes. The 411 begins in Spring Hill and runs a similar route as the 412 until after Benson St Toowong, where it continues further into Saint Lucia via Gailey Road. The 402 runs nearly an identical route to the 412, however it only runs between Benson St Toowong and UQ Chancellors Place as a supplementary service for the 412. Unlike the 412, the 411 and 402 bus routes are not express services.

Route timetables and stop information:

About the Author

Jordan James is a long-term Toowong resident who is currently studying a Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning program at the University of Queensland (UQ). Jordan is an active member in the Toowong community and travels frequently between Toowong and UQ using a variety of transport modes including bus, ferry, CityCycle bicycles and motor vehicles. Jordan spends a lot of his spare time exploring different parts of South-East Queensland to observe a variety of planning issues and receive widespread feedback from a broad range of demographics.

About the Report

The aim of the report "412: A Review and Recommendations" is to contextualise the bus connections between the City, Toowong and UQ via Coronation Drive and Sir Fred Schonell Drive. The aim of the report is to also identify the congestion issues related to the 412, 402 and 411 bus routes and provide recommendations of how these routes can be significantly improved.


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