Renew the 412

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Future-proofing the network

With Scape Toowong not at full occupancy yet, another student accommodation building under construction (see image on left) and more apartment developments approved for Toowong and Saint Lucia in particular, the 412, 411 and 402 bus routes are only expected to get even busier. With no long-term solution in the pipeline, careful consideration and planning needs to be undertaken now to future-proof the network.

Your network, your say

Tired of seeing queues like this during the university semester? Demand more from your public transport network now.

Old problem, new solutions

Congestion experienced on the 412, 411 and 402 bus routes are not a new issue. The 412 has been publicly recognised as a major public transport issue in Brisbane since at least 2012, with the route featuring in a Courier Mail article by Robyn Ironside (see image on left). The full article can be read here.

Who can resolve the issues?

Collaboration and negotiation through the following targeted stakeholders:

  • Brisbane City Council (including Brisbane City Council's Transport Division)
  • Translink
  • Queensland Government (including Department of Main Roads and Transport)
  • The University of Queensland (including University of Queensland's Transport Division)

Electorate Areas

The following electorate areas are located within the 412, 411 and 402 bus routes:

Brisbane City Council Local Government Areas: Paddington Ward, Walter Taylor Ward, Brisbane Ward

Queensland State Government Electorates: Maiwar Electorate, Cooper Electorate, McConnel Electorate

How you can help...

Complete the survey here

Demand better public transport from the stakeholders and electorate areas mentioned above through emails and social media and reference the "Renewthe412" Campaign.

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